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Ovary Pain

My GF is having a problem that started a week or two ago. We do not have anal sex at all. yet sometime we have a sort of anal intimacy but that only happens with a finger, a single finger.

Recently she started to feel pain with her ovary, she's virgin, she never had sex before meaning no intercourse at all.

Is there any relation between that fingering thing and the ovary pain?????

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Considering there's no link between the rectum and the ovaries, it's almost certain the two events are unrelated. However, if she does continue to have the lower abdominal pain she should go to her doctor.


Whatever do you mean "she's virgin" - that you and she do not have sex at all and never have but she allows you to finger her anus? That is fairly sophistiacted!

How on earth does she know that the abdominal pain is her ovary? That would take a doctor! There is reported that some women get a sharp pain when the egg is released [ovulation]

I do agree with the other poster that there is no link but you do need to be careful not to transfer bacteria [and other matter] from anus to her vagina which might cause infections.

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