Should I visit the GP or treat with antibiotics that I already have ?

2 days after the first time of unprotected sex with my fiance I experienced a burning sensation when urinating. this was treated with antibiotics and the situation cleared up in 3 days. A week later I now have a tenderness in the testicles, or more accurately a general mild soreness of the skin of the testicles. Having just completed a 4 flight 36 hour travel itinerary i wonder if it is just a reaction to sweat or possibly something related to the previous burning issue ?

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This could be muscular but in general 3 days of antibiotics for a man with a urinary tract infection is not enough. You have lots of tubing at the back of the testicle and men usually require at least 7 days worth of antibiotics.

If the infection has got into the testicle / tubing you will need a prolonged course of antibiotics (2 weeks).

I suggest you go to a sexual health clinic, who will be experts about managing these things. You need STI tests as well as non-sexual infection tests. ( use the clinic finder)

The antibiotics you have left won't be enough and may not be the right ones so definitely get along to a clinic.


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