Could it be chlamydia?

I caught chlamydia about a year and a half ago after having symptoms (pain when urinating and after sex).

I recently used a sex toy (just before or after Xmas) and can't remember if I had properly cleaned/disinfected it after catching chlamydia a year ago.

Is it possible to catch chlamydia a) from a sex toy, and b) so long after originally catching it?

I'm worried in case I have caught it again as I have been getting a burning sensation when peeing but it has been coming and going away again. I am prone to urine infections as well so could be this.

Any advice would be great, thanks

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Probably not is the answer, even if Chlamydia it was on the sex toy it will have dried up and died.

If you are worried go and get a repeat test at least two weeks after you used the toy.


Better get yourself tested. I wrote an article about it:


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