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Worried about chlamydia

Hey, in early September my doctor told me that I had chlamydia, both me and my boyfriend got treated. We were given the antibiotics and didn't have sex for over a week, like you're supposed to. Late September early October we began having sex again and in mid October I found out that I was pregnant. We definitely conceived AFTER being treated but I'm still worried. Paranoid thoughts are going through my head such as 'what if the tablets didn't work' and 'what if we reinfected each other another way?' Cause even though we definitely didn't have sex during the medication week, we did sleep in the same bed naked and had showers together. I also borrowed my boyfriend's electric shaver (which he uses to trim his downstairs) to trim my own private area and am worried I could have reinfected myself that way. Although my boyfriend swears that he washed it thoroughly before I used it. Is it worth getting retested to make sure the chlamydia is definitely gone?

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To reassure you.... you can only get Chlamydia from exchanging body secretions and the only way to do that is by having sex so don't worry about razors etc.

If you're worried go and have another test to make sure the Chlamydia has gone. This can be done at loads of places GPs/Chemists/by post in some areas and at Sexual health clinics.

If you were pregnant when you had the treatment don't worry about that either. If you had an antibiotic called azithromycin it's perfectly safe in pregnancy.

Even in the unlikely event that you still do have Chlamydia there will be no harm to an unborn baby as long as you get retreated before giving birth.

I think to put your mind at ease head off to a sexual health clinic and have a retest and a chat.


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