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Chlarithomycin fr oral chlamydia???

I had an unprotected oral sex but a protected anal sex...after 2-3 days i experienced a sore throat ..i think i have oral chlamydia.. .i consulted my general physician and he prescribed me chlarithomycin 500 , 2 doses fr 5 days....is chlarithomycin useful fr treatment of std??

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Doxycycline is the normal antibiotic treatment given however it does contain penicillin while Clarithromycin is generally prescribed to those who have previously had a bad reaction to penicillin based medicine whether it is a suitable alternative for the treatment of Chlamydia I am unable to tell. Your doctor may have prescribed it if you are on any other medication as these can interact.

My advice would be to consult with your local sexual health clinic and explain what your doctor has prescribed and whether you have a allergy to penicillin they can advise you better, it is also VERY important to inform them if you are on any other medication.

I like you have been prescribed medication which my GUM clinic said was no good for treating the STI that I had and that I had to go back to the clinic for the correct treatment but because of medication I was already on their database said I was at serious risk of side effects and ended up spending 6 hours waiting in the clinic just in case, when I next saw my doctor I mentioned this and they showed me that what I had been prescribed was actually suitable and in my case was less risky of side effects.


Thank u fr responding...i have been taking my prescribed medicine chlarithomycin fr 3 days and its not working....my sore throat is not healing....can i take Azithromycin now? If yes what is the dosage..?


Antibiotics can take several days before they start to work so don't worry yet, if when you have finished the course you are still no better then you should speak with either your GUM clinic or doctor (though I would still talk to the GUM clinic to check that the medication is the right one for your condition and symptoms. You should never self medicate when taking prescription medicines as you may not be aware of possible side effects when combined with your current medication, always speak to a doctor first.


Thank u so much fr taking ur time to reply....my chlarithomycin is doing no good...i am worried as hell...


It is best to take doxycycline or azithromycin for chalmydia, but you should test first incase it is a coincidence. I wouldn't worry as chlamydia is very treatable and can be cured with a short course of antibiotics.


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