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Chlamydia and PID and im scared


Hi just found out I have chlamydia of the eye today. I had a sexual health screening back in July and it all came back negative. Not changed partners since then and only ever had sex with my current boyfriend. I’ve just been in to have a vaginal swan done and been given a course of antibiotics but I’ve gone into research and I am so so so scared as I’ve read it can cause infertility and issues around fertility due to PID if not treated early. I’ve not had any symptoms of either Chlamydia or PID but I am so so so scared I don’t know what to do. What is the right window of time of diagnosis of chlamydia before it starts to cause PID or any other fertility issues, I had a screening 6 months ago and it was negative

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I don't think you'll experience any type of fertility issues. I think you're overthinking because it's new and it's fresh which is understandable. However, the doctors have given you medicine to fight it off make sure you take it as prescribed and I think you'll be fine.

The PID and chlymydia alike are treatable so not to worry.

This is the first I've ever heard of Chlamydia in the eye though. How does something like that happen?

Unigirl201 in reply to Bunt0123

It happens when fluid is transferred to the eye. And I am an eye rubber when I’m tried or stressed so they’ve said it’s likely I’ve done something with my boyfriend and then rubbed my eye afterwards and there is some fluid on my hand. I just feel like a dirty slag :(

Bunt0123 in reply to Unigirl201

You shouldn't, It happens. What matters now is you know what it is and it's being treated. Be thankful it's something you can get rid of and not stuck with forever. Don't wear the badge of shame too long, it's life. Pick your head up and take this as a lesson learned!

You have absolutely nothing to worry about, these STI's can only cause infertility problems if they are left untreated for years and even then is rare, I would be more concerned with how you contracted it because if you have only been with your boyfriend then it would suggest that he has given it to you but you need to tell him otherwise he can just re-infect you. So don't engage in intercourse until he has been checked and finished a course of anti-biotics too.

Unigirl201 in reply to selonuk

Yeah I ordered him to go and get tested and he did and I then arrived at the clinic from the hospital and I had the swan done and we have both been given the antibiotics, I’ve been with him 1.5 years in February and only started having sex around March last year and I had my screening in July of last year so it’s maximum 6 months I’ve been infected, is that okay?

Trust me he is not getting anywhere near me I can’t stand to look at him or talk to him, i am repulsed, pissed off, hurt, upset and frightened. He think he knows who’s given it to him and it was 2.5 years ago.

Bunt0123 in reply to Unigirl201

I highly doubt he carried Chlymydia for 2.5 years and never knew it and didn't infect you for the year or so that you two were together. Unless you were both using protection and having no oral sex the entire time. It's true that men don't know they are infected with most STI's including Chlymydia but in this case he would've infected you long ago if he had in fact contracted it a year before you. Maybe he mentioned it was long ago so that he wouldn't have to admit he had a sexual experience recently? I'm so sorry, hopefully you'll get the full truth behind it all.

selonuk in reply to Unigirl201

Bunt is correct he can't of had it for that long and not have infected you and if he had been infected for that long it is highly unlikely that he wouldn't of had symptoms by then so in my opinion he is lying to you and you should dump him. however, you have nothing to fear or worry about the anti-biotics will deal with the infection and there will be no risk of it affecting your fertility.

As a piece of advice it is generally good to get tested when you start a new relationship and preferably get them to get tested too that way you know that you are both ok and should either of you get something then it will be obvious that someone has cheated!

Take Care

There is no timescale for chlamydia causing PID . It is silent and there is no conclusive test for PID apart from keyhole camera surgery. But most women with chlamydia do not develop PID . Having chlamydia multiple times increases the risk .

Chlamydia in the eye is uncommon. May I ask why/how you got tested ? Also you haven't mentioned that either you or your partner had a positive test for genital chlamydia. It is possible ( if this is a genuine result ) that you could have had non sexual transmission : although this would be rare in the UK.

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