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Mirena coil worries

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I am writing this because I have no idea what to about my mirena coil.

Whenever I have periods my mood is the worst, it is as though I take a running nose dive off of the tallest building right into solid rocks. In the past I have taken numerous contraception, pills, injection and now the mirena coil.

I haven't been able to find anything I get on with. I basically need something to stop my periods and therefore help my mood as when I do not have a period I am great. The pill worked well for a while but I started getting a lot of headaches so was told I couldn't take it anymore. After having my baby 6 months ago they suggested the coil.

I had it fitted just over a week ago and ever since I have bled, bright red strong unpleasant smelling blood, I am itching like crazy down there, cramping in right side and my mood is worse then ever. I have been back to the doctors and she said the odour is normal because its something to do with the hormones, it looks as though the coil is doing its job and stopping my bleeding (not sure where she is looking but I have been bleeding for over a week and still going) and the itching she said was caused by my sanitary towels (even though I've worn these one's for years and never had a problem) she said I have got to wait 6 months for it all to regulate out.

I have no idea what to do. It has got my mood to the point where I can't stand being a Mother, don't want to leave the house, binge eating again. The smell and itching is unbearable but do I chance it the 6 months and wait and see?

Sorry for the long rant just wanted to know others experience on the Mirena coil and how you found it

4 Replies
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is this the copper one ?

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Iv had in in past and bled a lot to start but then was great sounds like it wasn’t sterile enough and uv got infection xx

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Hi. I know how hard it is trying to get an appointment with a medical professional, but I'd be concerned about the risk of infection here.

It's common to have spotting and cramping for a few days I think, but this does sound like it's going on for quite some time now. The itching could possibly be due to change in hormones too, but again, if it's not settling down, I'd be concerned about risk of infection.

Can you read up on the patient leaflet and see what it says about adverse affects/infections.

The other thing to watch out for is that the hormone is progesterone and whilst it's in a very low dose and supposedly localised in the Mirena, it can still have systemic effects.

I'm on my 3rd coil now and like you, needed to stop my periods. It did that within 3-4 months, but I can't say it's been without its issues on occasions. Sometimes hard to always know what's the mirena and what's due to other issues though.

I do hope you get sorted soon.

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I think there are several issues here. If you have abdominal pain and an odour after an IUD insertion you need 1 to be examined, ensure the coil threads are in position, and that its not in the cervical canal. Also check if no retained tampon - very very strong odour can sometimes be associated with this. 2 You need a swab taken to check if you have bacterial vaginosis - the chance of this is higher with an IUD insertion and also the fact you have been bleeding ( this will also check for candida as you mention itching ) 3 I presume there was no chance of pregnancy prior to the coil insertion or that a pregnancy test was done ? 4 are you getting support to help you in the post natal period, is this your first child, are you getting any follow up from community midwives ? have you spoken to your gp about how you are feeling ?

Lastly having headaches on the combined pill is not an absolute contraindication to the combined pill ( only focal migraine is ) Did they try a low dose oestrogen pill ( 20 micrograms ) ?

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