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How to tell someone if i get tested positive Chlamydia?

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I'm so stressed about this. I got tested positive for Chlamydia because i got it from someone who told me he got positive aswel. Now i have to tell the guy whom I'm seeing, i did tell him everything except the result that i just got it yesterday.

This morning he said he couldn't sleep every night thinking about my result, worry about himself and he hates if he has to get tested aswel. It means he is hoping me to get negative. He is away for work and will be back in 3 days.

I'm confused i have to tell him ASAP or waiting him to come back.

I can't ask anyone suggestion in real because this thing is very new for me and i feel so embarrassed.

I'm on process to get a job and i don't have anyone here, I'm so worried, stressed and my feeling is mess.

I'm worried to lose him, I'm worried i hurt him, I'm worried he can't sleep and feel sad.

I don't know what to do.

First time when i told him about that guy got positive result, he was angry and kicked me out from his house then we fixed it but i didn't expect he is hoping me to get negative result.

I just texted him if Chlamydia is easy to treat.

This is also very new for him.

And i was seeing that guy also seeing him. He was so upset and i can understand but we were off and on that's why i wasn't sure about him

Now I'm sure and have decided to go with him, but just few weeks and this is happening.

He is not really easy person to talk to and he is easy to get stressed. But i do really care about him and care about his feeling and i want him to be happy all the time. He cares about me but he can't really deal with the stuff like this.

I think he will leave me.

I don't know what to do.

I really wish he can understand and come back get tested, get treatment straight away and waiting until his treatment finish and we start again but I'm really not sure.

Once I start working, it will be hard for both of us to meet, he will be back for 1 week and will be away again.

I just regret how things happened.

I'm really sad

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You sure you didn't get it from him?

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Genpur in reply to Bobbi1234

Nope.I was in city A before i moved here which is city B.

He lives in city B, he visited me in city A 3 months ago just for 1 week and we had sex, then he came back to city B then we arguing and he broke up with me then he went to doctor to get tested and got negative.

I had sex with other guy before him in city A accidentally because we met before i left city A then i moved to city B 1 month ago, during first month in city B i got symptoms and that guy also got symptoms, that guy went to test and got positive and i went to test and positive as well.

But during this last first month in city B, i had sex with him again because we started to see each other again.

The conclusion is i got this from city A and from that guy because that guy also got the same.

Hi Genpur, this sounds very stressful and I’m sorry that you are going through this. The guy you are seeing knows you had sex with someone else while your relationship was not exclusive. And so you didn’t cheat on him. Chlamydia, as you say is easy to treat, so it is not much hassle to go to the doctors and get cured. It seems like the upset is mostly due to you sleeping with another man. I’d personally just be honest with your partner and tell him you have tested positive and tell him to go to the doctor and get treated. You guys can then start a fresh. All the best, Dan

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Genpur in reply to Wolverbean

Hi Dan, thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. With any risk, i will have to tell him.

Yeah, i was about to tell him but because he is away for work so i don't want his mind gets bothered because he said he doesn't want to talk about this. He will be back on Tuesday.

I'm thinking to book appointment for him but worry he will be mad again. After i got tested the other day i offered him to book appointment but he said he will do his own, it makes me so worry

He is just hard to deal with this kind of stuff because this sounds complicated.

But i hope he will change day by day and become easier person to talk to especially with me.

I don't know this relationship will work or not but i hope it would.

But yeah i know he is upset because of another guy. And i actually regret it.

I didn't expect that guy slept with other girl and gave me Chlamydia. And i didn't know he still wants to be with me.

I don't know what will happen when i tell him, I'm getting ready for anything possible but still I'm so worried

Hi Genpur, your bf sounds like a nightmare! It doesn't sound like you can have a healthy loving relationship with him, as you say he's impossible to talk to, about important things. He also sounds jealous and unreasonable, and perhaps controlling? Please update how things are going for you. x

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Genpur in reply to HPVisanSTI

Hi. Thank you for your reply. After all of them we started again, i did tell him anything and we both already got treated as well but we haven't checked yet since then, as it hasn't been 3 months. Everything is going well so far but we both still take everything slowly after what happened.

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