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Just found out I have Chlamydia!

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Well...I just found out I have chlamydia!! I have never had an STD before and I’m pretty shocked. I’m pretty certain I know who it’s from (I was tested when I was seeing one guy, Then I slept with them again after a “break” and maybe stupid to assume he hadn’t slept with anyone else in between me getting tested and the last time we had sex) but I’ve started Seeing someone for the past 9 months and again, perhaps too trusting, have only just gotten myself tested. So not sure if it’s from guy A in 2017 or this guy! Anyway - any tips on telling new(ish) guy? I would guess it’s from him tbh. Also - I feel gross. 😭 is there anyway of finding out how long you might’ve had it? How long after treatment can you have sex again?

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Do not worry Usernameisnot123. Chlamydia is treatable and curable nothing to be afraid off. But you need to go to a GP to get a prescription to get antibiotics for it. The treatment is about a week. Dont have any sex during treatment! After a week do a Chlamydia test again to make sure the treatment was a success. Because you had sex with B its a possibility he gave you the STD but its 100% that he has it, so make sure to tell him its nothing to be ashamed better. It better that he learns about it now rather than later because it may cost serious damage to his body. (Always wear condoms ) Hope that helps :)

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Thank you. I had the conversation with him on the weekend as I didn’t want to delay letting him know. He was shocked but so good about it. He went and got tested the next day and got meds for it before he got the results as there was no pong waiting since he will defo have it too. He told me when he was last checked though and it seems to me it will have meant that it was my previous(a-hole) partner who thought it was okay to sleep with someone else without protection and then me! (We were dating whilst he was overseas for a year - and I was rested during my time with him so didn’t think I needed to go check again at the end) I’m an idiot.

Anyway - guy B has been so sweet, I’m feeling very grateful for him 🥰

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Thats great im really happy for you !

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I'm sorry this is slightly incorrect. You can't do chlamydia test a week after being tested, because its a DNA test and can be positive up to 5 weeks after treatment. Sexual health clinics in the UK and also some pharmacies as well as GPs can give treatment .

It is not also 100% transmission rate for chlamydia - we would recommend testing for your partner, and also treatment, even if his test was negative, as there can be a very small "false negative " rate - just as there can be a very small "false positive " rate for the test .

Chlamydia also doesn't cause " serious damage " for a persons body - in males the more serious consequence is usually infection of the sperm tubes or testicles. There a re very limited studies on the effects on male fertility, but males produce millions of sperm, so unlikely to cause subfertility.

please ensure your partner ( and you ) have had doxycycline 100mgs twice daily for a week

Hi thank you! He got tested but his doc prescribed him the pills before the results as he said there was no point delaying it.

Yes the nurse also said not to test again within 5 weeks as there could still be a false positive result from dead but lingering bacteria.

I’m on doxy now, not sure if he’s on the same one or the ones you take in one go. He is abroad until December so no risk of us catching it off each other again as it’ll be 7-8 weeks by the time he’s home!🙏🏻 Thanks for all your help!

no problem at all. UK guidelines have recently moved to doxycycline as first line due to other issues ( resistance in mycoplasma , a different organism ) but hopefully azithromycin 1gm should be ok for him.

I’ll ask what he’s on. He’s working out in Singapore at the moment so I’m sure they have good health care practices there 😅

they have excellent ones - but this is a recent change here, so they may not be exactly the same as yet

Oh, also I did read this somewhere although I didn’t even think about it - you can’t catch it from your underwear can you? Doesn’t need any crazy high wash or whatever?

No it needs living cells so this wouldn't be required

Thank you!

most welcome

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