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How do I tell the person I’m sleeping with that I have a yeast infection...

Really need help here because I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been speaking to this guy for a month and we’re having sex but I keep getting thrush and I have to keep making up excuses as to why we can’t have sex. It’s really started to get me down and I want to tell him but we’ve only been speaking for a month and I’m scared it puts him off if I tell him. I just don’t know what to do because I don’t want to lie and I feel like he should know about it since were sleeping together and I don’t want to do anything until it’s fully cleared up. I started to get rid of it before (took me a few weeks to start to get rid of it ) and then we had sexual intercourse I made him wear a condom and then the next day it was back. Just seems like a never ending cycle and it’s starting to get me down. Can someone help me with this issue please? (Btw we’ve been using protection so not an sti)

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If you always have this issue with penetrative sex it may be the latex in the condom that’s causing an issue.

remember candida ( thrush ) is not an STI and the only problem he could experience is some irritation on his penis, for which clotrimazole cream would sort it out.

Honestly if he's going to act like a baby over you getting a yeast infection [which can be caused by contact with latex or washing with soap (yes, really, you should only wash with water), or not wearing cotton underwear, amongst other things] then he's not really someone you want to be having sex with. That's not mature dude behaviour. Yeast infections happen, and you should just give him the honest truth. If he can't take it, you probably dodged a bullet.

I’m doing everything like not wearing cotton underwear etc and I’m worried it puts him off of me

Nothing seems to be working to get rid of this

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