Unsure if I should get tested for possible STD

Ok so a couple months back (December actually) I had sex with a female friend of mine. Now she is known to get around with other guys I must add. However she is very strict about guys wearing condoms and I always use one as well. I performed oral on her for about 30 seconds and then we had sex. I took a shower about 15 minutes after we has finished I scrubbed myself very thoroughly everywhere even my penis. However about 3 weeks later I got a nasty flu, and I hardly ever get the flu. I get the common cold twice a year. I texted her asking if she was clean and she told me that she was and that she gets tested and would have told me if she had something, but I didn't really trust her on that. Now the interesting thing is that about week after I got the flu, my mother, and my grandpa also got the flu, and I still had lingering symptoms, just a runny nose cough, and slight headaches. It is now June and I have had no swollen lymph nodes, body rashes, I do play a lot of sports and my job consists of me walking around a lot and lifting heavy objects so I do get fatigued but not to the point of getting winded very quickly and never wanting to do anything. My friends and co-workers tell me that I'm fine but I just want to be sure. Since I used a condom (did NOT break I must also add) my family got the flu right after I did, and I don't have a lot of the common symptoms that go along with HIV. Should I get tested or should I trust the girl and my friends that everything is alright.

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it will never do you any harm to get tested, and as you obviously feel like something could be wrong, it would put your mind at rest, i don't know if you have ever been to the GUM Clinic before, but they aren't there to judge you, once you get checked, it will take a few days for your results to come through. Don't put it off and good luck


Yea I know it could never hurt to check, but I just lack additional funds. And I mean im not too concerned that something is wrong is was just the fact that I got the flu right after which freaked me out but since my mom and grandpa also got it, it made me feel confidant about it. Also I see no reason why that girl has a reason to lie to me, we are good friends and im always there for her when she needs my help, it was just that one of co-workers made a joke and it kinda got me thinking again, I just wanted a third parties opinion. Thank you though


Sounds like you just got the flu lol. Get checked to put your mind at rest anyway but don't be too harsh on your friend either. You chose to stick it in their at the end of the day and sex is two people's responsibility, not one. If you thought she wasn't clean you shouldn't have slept with her in the first place. Don't make her feel ashamed and dirty because you're only thinking of the consequences afterwards.

Also just to add that no matter how long you spend scrubbing your penis afterwards, if you did pick up an STI it won't get rid of it.

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Yea sorry that kinda came out wrong. I didn't mean to sound so harsh on her. It was a two person choice and I know that, its just that at the time I was kinda nervous about the whole thing. I apologized to her shortly after that, and we're all good. Just wanted other peoples opinions on the matter


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