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Birth control

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I’ve messed up with my pills…

I’ve taken 7 pills from a pack I had left spare as I could not pick up a new prescription due to work. I’m now changing brands for many reasons, do I start the new pack of pills as soon as I get them, or do I have a period break or is this too early to have a break as I’ve only taken 7 pills and had a period prior to this?? I’m so lost on what to do. X

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You can take the pills. There is no reason to actually have the break biologically and you're fine.

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Loudon24 in reply to toastkid

Shall I take extra precautions whilst I do the change over to the new brand until the new pills are fully in my systems?

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toastkid in reply to Loudon24

Always a good idea! If it's just a brand change and the active ingredient is the same and you haven't taken a break in days in between you should be okay because the protection is the same but that's still a pretty smart precaution to take.

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