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First time user of Birth Control Pill


I am a first time user of birth control pills. I bought the 21days BC pill. If I will be having unprotected sex within the 8th day up to my last 21st day of pill, I won’t get pregnant?

I just plan to finish my first package of 21 days pill and take a break from sex.

Thank you

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But using Contraceptive like condoms is better. These pills may cause some effect on your system, some minor effects.

Galen70 in reply to itsmebro

what does this even mean ?

itsmebro in reply to Galen70

means, using Pills for contraception may cause adverse effects on your body. Like change in Period cycle and some other. long term usage can be worse.

Galen70 in reply to itsmebro

Ok - can I ask you for your evidence base for this ? There are some small risks associated with the combined pill, such as a small increase in the chance of cervical cancer and breast cancer, but decreased risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer. All other effects ( which include DVT risk , reduced menstrual flow, reduced menstrual pain, irregular cycles, improving PCOS symptoms , improved PMS symptoms ) stop when you stop the pill.

Happy to discuss if you can provide the scientific data :-)

Galen70 in reply to itsmebro

Condoms are very effective if they are used 100% correctly. And in real life, guys don't use them 100% correctly . So women need to have a reliable, safe method they are happy with to prevent unplanned pregnancy. The pill also can help with many medical conditions.

Once you have taken 7 days of pills, you are protected from pregnancy . Then a further 2 weeks, and then the pill free week, you are protected. Every time you stop and restart the pills , you must take it for 7 days daily before you are protected again.

thank you. if i change my brand of pills after my first package, do i still need to wait again for 7days to be protected from pregnancy?

Any combined contraception pill, if you are starting , not continuing , you need to take for seven days before its effective. If you are switching , then just take the new pills after the seven day break and you are protected straight away.

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