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Cerelle Mini Pill

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Hi, I’ve been on the cerelle mini pill off and on for four years and originally began taking it due to heavy, painful irregular periods. Later on when I got a boyfriend it was used as contraception also. I feel that it is negatively affecting my mental health, giving me mood swings and depression. I’m scared to go off it because of my period but I think my mental health is more important. I have been looking into the copper coil and other contraceptive methods. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Have you tried any other of the progesterone only pills? There are a couple of other ones. I take it you can't take the combined pill?

I think if you had heavy and/or painful periods, a Mirena IUS would be a better choice. The amount of progestogen released into the circulation is very small. The IUD has a chance of making periods heavier or more painful sometimes. You could always switch to condoms for a period of time, and see if your mental health improves , but if you dont think you could reliably use condoms for 2-3 months, then a coil may be your best option.


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