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Desogestrel 75mg pill

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I have been taking the desogestrel 75mg pill for about a year now and periods have been all over the place which I'm fine with as the are usually not heavy and for no more than a week. But this month i have been on for about 3 weeks and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or is it weird?

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Unscheduled bleeding is a common side effect of the POP. I'm presuming, smears, chlamydia testing are up to date ?

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Im only 20, smears not due for years yet. And definitely no chlamydia.

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I know this is a old post but how did u get on with the desogestrel ?

Only i started it about month ago and i was fine to start with but came on as per usual to the day but im still bleeding heavily 8 days later? Plus have period pain not bad but enough to keep me awake

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I was like that for the first few months, your body does get used to it. I get quite frequent spotting whenever it feels like it, but its barely enough for a pad. Give it a few months and if your still having problems with it then you can switch to something different.

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Thanku for replying...

Know it was a old post.

Yeh at mo im full bleeding all time which is making me really anxious and feel bit ill.

I know it only 4 weeks in though and ur message give me hope so i will keep goin.

Did u put on weight or anything?

How are ur periods now and how long have u been on it now..

Glade it works for u , hope it does me to

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