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Std advice

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I am concerned about a stinging/burning sensation when I urinate that varies in intensity. I’ve had it for about 9 months but have tested negative for all stds.

The symptom started 1 year after I received oral and I was extremely anxious for a year following the incident, so I am not sure if it’s connected.

I have read online that you can have infection of prostate however would this not have shown in the std tests I did?

Any info would be appreciated.

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STI tests would not show a prostate infection unless it was caused by an STI. Some info:

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Joe89 in reply to Osidge

Non gonoccal urethritis is caused by an sti tho and I’ve tested negative for all…

I’ve been told it could be non bacterial chronic pelvic pain - any idea on this?

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Osidge in reply to Joe89

Read all the link:

“NGU can have a number of possible causes, including:

irritation or damage to the urethra

sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – such as chlamydia

other infections – such as a urinary tract infection (UTI)

See a specialist.Perhaps a urology or dermatology one rather than a sexual health one.

Agree with Moo. I have posted several times replies to the same query you have over the last 9 months . If you have seen someone at the sexual health clinic, had all tests done ( which I believe you have ) and you still have symptoms, then see a urologist . Also consider what I mentioned before around counselling for venereophobia.

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