I had unprotected sex while the girl was one her period and 4 days later i noticed a yellow substance coming out from my penis. I didn't take it into consideration and a week later I had sex with another girl while she was on her period now the yellow substance is coming out even more and I'm scared that I might have caught something from the first girl and I passed it down to the second one? I haven't gone to check it out but what do you think or recommend?

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  • That sounds like gonorrhea so you should do to a clinic asap!!

  • I really hope not :(

  • Get tested NOW.

    If you are infected then get cleaned up. You must stop having sex, too, until you are clean - sorry, but infecting people isn't good...

    Get tested and get sorted... no big deal...

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  • Dude, what's wrong with you? Why you having sex with girls on their period? Why would you not use a condom in that situation? Sounds like an sti and you probably have passed it on. Sexual health clinic for you AND anyone you have slept with.

  • Sounds like you could potentially have gonorrhea. You should stop having sex immediately and get yourself screened. If you come back positive you'll have to undergo treatment for a few weeks to clear up the infection. It's quite possible that you could have passed it on, so you should inform those you've slept with as soon as you find out if you're positive.  This site's got a lot of reference material on the disease It might help to understand in full what you may be dealing with. Best of wishes to you.

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