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Combine pill

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I'm on the Impant but also taking the pill due to me being on my periods for months on end. At the moment my discharge is normal one day and the next it's a brown clotted colour the next day. Not too sure as the pills I'm taking have all active ones and 7 inactive pills and I haven't been taking them in the day order if you get what I mean. Any advice or answer to why this may be happening

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Ok first of all they are not your periods, but unscheduled bleeding due to the progestogen in the implant. The brown clotted colour is old blood, changed by the acidic acid balance in the vagina . The choice of pills you are taking to try to control the bleeding is not a wise one - normally women on the combined pill alone would have a withdrawal bleed on the pill free days ( or dummy pill days ). You should have been advised to take working pills daily if the idea was to keep you bleed free.

I don't know how long your implant has been in for , if its new, or coming to the end of a three year cycle. Additonally how long have you been taking the combined pill for to control the bleeding ?

I've been taking the pill just fora year been on the Impant 3 years this Sunday, rang my vocal clinic about having it taken out. They said I won't be able to have the Implant taking out until 9 months after the 3 years is up due to covid. I take the pill roughly the same time each day. This brown clotted blood was happening after a year of me being on the Impant and I was bleeding fora about 6 months straight that's why they put me on the mini pill to subside the bleeding, these pills I gotta take every day, this is just the first time it has happened. My periods since I have been on the pills only last around 3 days I bleed yesterday today nothing is in my pad(even tho that sounds disgusting) but im taking it day by day with this but it brings my mood down a little bit

Hi Faith, spoken to colleagues and yes with Covid 19 patients have been advised they are covered for longer than the 3 years previously advised for the implant to be effective. The mini pill or POP you take every day no break, so there wouldnt be any dummy or inactive ones like you described. Sexual and reproductive health clinics have , in the majority , stayed open throughout the pandemic, so if you would like it out, I would contact your local unit for implant removal.

Thank you so much for your advice will get straight onto the clinic Monday when I'm free, I can't keep going like this I've tried to leave it a week but I've had so much grief with the Impant over the 3 years feels like the pill only had a short term effect with thisThanks for the advice just started to worry myself again

No problem at all , I would call your local service first rather than walk in and check their procedures. Implants are usually removed at booked appointments.

Will do, just fed up of all of this not going to lie to you

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