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First time taking the combination pill

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I started the combination for the first time on the first day of my period, but I stopped bleeding after one day, is this normal or was that not my period? My bleed typically lasts around 6/7 days... I'm not sure if I am protected if other contraceptive methods fail or if I need to be on it a week before I am!

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You mean combination contraceptive pill, right? I'm not sure who instructed you to take it on the first day of period... it's supposed to be taken on 7th CD. A pill does stop your AF if you're menstruating and you take one... so nothing abnormal.... except you took the pill too early. There are 21 actual hormone pills and 7 placeboes some brands don't have the placebo and simply ask you to take a 7 day break. It is during this time that you get your AF. As far as I know you don't stop pills on mid-way so you'll probably have to keep taking it and your AF will start during the break. However, it's best to talk to your GP once about what you should do since I don't know your medical history to give you the best of advice and I'm not a medical practitioner either... just used it few years back so I know tits-bits. Hope this information helps. Take care!

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If you take the pill on first day of period you’re protected straight away, if you don’t take it on first day of period you have to wait 7 days for it to work. Also the combination pill is known to stop periods as soon as it’s taken (a day or so after taking) and then starts your period on the 7 day break. This is way the combination pill is the main pill to regulate periods

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I ovulate on my period so I wouldn’t be protected right away, I wouldn’t tell people they are unless you know their cycle.

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It’s advised to wait 7 days if your period is 23 days or less apart from one another. Other than that if you take it on the first day of your period you’re protected

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“Begin with pill on first day of your cycle. If you start on the first day of your period you are protected immediately against pregnancy. You may also begin on day 2-5 of the cycle but then you must use extra protective measures for the first 7 days” - from a combination pill leaflet.

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You're right Marellya, I wouldn't tell someone they are 100% protected either even if they tied off their tubes! Your case is super rare (at least for me it's the first of it's kind) but definitely not impossible... there's nothing impossible as far as getting pregnant is concerned. I even came across women on the forums who got pregnant because they delayed a pill by only 4 hours. Sometimes people just have it in spite of being under protection and sometimes people have unexplained infertility too.

However, the ovulation trend you have is persistent I guess.. is it? Was it always like that? Also, the mini-pill which has more scope for continuity without the placebo break is ideal as far as contraceptive measures are concerned.

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nab if you take it on 1st day of your period and you don't get a period.... that's CD1. There are people who take BCs without the placebo as well but then that's not the actual way. I didn't get your 7 days to work theory... mind elaborating a bit, please! You take the combination pill your progesterone stays at Cmax level for the next 24 hours. It can't be that you take the pill today and your Cmax will be achieved in 7 days if it's not the first day of the period. We both agree to the fact that it stops the period and the best way to even regulate it when there's some inconsistency in the menstrual cycle. You're menstruating is indeed the sign that the last ova didn't make it to an embie and got degenerated and the next one won't come as long as you're menstruating. Please don't quote from the leaflet right away because they cover the exceptions too like Marellya.

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