A yellow discharge is comin out of my penis & when I urinate its painful. Do I hav STI?

I'm a male aged 28. 3days after I had sexual intercourse with my partner I saw a small rush on my foreskin & when I urinate its painful,I didn't think it was serious but on the 4th day a yellow dischargde came out. I went to the clinic & they gave me pills to drink bt its da 7th day now & there's no difference. Can u please help me & what disease is it I caught

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  • U should go back to the clinic for more test. During the time u were given the tablets were u having sex wid ure partner still. Your partner needs to be treated as well. So both go to the clinic if u haven't done so. Just a friendly advice.

  • No we haven't had sex since I noticed something was wrong. So am I infected wit STI & can this be cured? My main concern is ho come she's not infected because she's the only one I slept with.

  • U both still need to go for a check up, just to get the all clear. That's the best advice I can give u.

  • Thanks for your advice. But u didn't answer my question that am I infected with STI?

  • Even if u have STI u still have to go to sexual health clinic for testing and treatments anyway.

  • Thanks very much Bluestar. U helped me a lot

  • Dear Raekwon,

    The symptoms you describe certainly do sound like an STI. Did you go to a Sexual Health / GUM clinic or your GP? Most GUM clinics can have a look straight away to see if there if it looks like an STI (www.bashh.org/clinics). Occasionally the first set of antibiotics don't work, particularly for 'NSU', and a second/different course is required.

    Many STI's have no symptoms, particularly in women. So it is entirely possible your partner has an infection without having symptoms. As Bluestar mentioned, it's very important you both get treated and avoid sex for at least a week.

    Kind regards.

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