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Can thrush discharge cause kidney infections?

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Please someone help me or give me advice cause with Covid the gp and doctors aren’t taking this seriously..

Im starting to realise I may have a bad thrush or discharge problem. I have been sitting in pain on the toilet for three days now with a kidney infection but I have noticed that a lot of thrush has been coming out as I pee. It is see through in colour and comes in big heavy lumps. It’s sticky and hangs when I push hard to pee.

My doctor says my kidneys are healthy and I’ve taken blood tests and a CT scan to further back that up. Can thrush cause a kidney infection?

I previously got a trail of 3 or 4 pessaries a few months back cause I had a kidney infection nearly every week and they didn’t help at all. All that came out after a few days was the powder of the pessary and no discharge.

Because of this, the doctors have given me an anti fungal cream called cloitamazole I think and I take kidney infection medicine every night (trimethoprim). This has helped for a long time but these recent days have been horrible. I’ve noticed a rise of that kinda discharge very recently so I guess there’s no coincidence that I get a kidney infection a few days after?

I don’t get why I’ve got a kidney infection right now. I did everything right, I have good hygiene and diet and the kidneys are healthy. I also don’t get why im getting all of this discharge.

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Hi, I have had thrush on and of for a month or so now, keeps coming and going. I have type 2 diabetes which they tell me if your sugars are high it can cause thrush, was just wondering if you have diabetes which isn't helping your problem ??

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That’s sad to hear. I hope I don’t have type 2 diabetes although to be fair I have been eating a lot of sugary foods lately. Now I’m trying to cut it out by sticking to a healthy diet and I’ve begun exercising again too

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Still worth checking at least if you have it, it's better caught early and easier to reverse, especially if you have been as you said having sugary foods lately, it doesn't take much to throw you into that category !!

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Thank you sooo much for this advice, I didn’t know that type 2 diabetes was so easy to get! I reallyyyyy hope I haven’t got it, but i will definitely have a look into it as I’m close to my gp. Can you check diabetes through bloods? If so, I will just ask for that when I next get my kidneys checked.

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Yes you can, just ask them to check your blood sugar when they do blood test, although I don't know if you have kidney problems if it would be checked automatically, as diabetes can affect your kidneys anyway, especially if blood sugar is not controlled. Diabetes unchecked can cause many problems you'd never imagine so imo it's worth keeping a check on. Sadly it can be hard to control when you have other chronic illnesses like myself. I must say I was really surprised when I knew it could be causing thrush and indeed I now know when I start feeling aggravated by thrush, that my sugar levels must be high, strange eh !! Not wishing to scare the life out of you, but it can also affect your eyes and you should make sure you look after you feet well. So you see to have your blood sugar checked imo is important, especially as you say you are struggling with thrush and have a kidney problem. Good luck fingers crossed you haven't got it, but better safe to catch it early if you have it.

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1- are you sure it's thrush at all? Mine was misdiagnosed as thrush for years. Turned out to be something different.2- I doubt that thrush causes kidney infection. More likely to be the opposite way around

3 is the discharge clear? It might just be normal vaginal secretions that change during the month and over time.

Go back to Yr doctors and ask for more investigation.

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Hey there, if you don’t mind me asking what was your diagnosis and how did you end up getting it diagnosed? It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable answering that.

The discharge is clear yes and comes in big clumps. However, I can’t help thinking that it may have something to do with my ongoing kidney infections. Anytime that i discharge the kidney pain tends to come back again.

My doctors are useless these days. It took a good year to get a ct scan (an especially long wait with Covid). Today I have given a sample to the doctors and they’ll probably just give me another kidney medicine.

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I would suggest attending a sexual health clinic to have your discharge assessed. Kidney issues would not cause changes in discharge and vice versa.

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