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I have had thrush on and off (more on than off) in the three years i have been with my partner. I have never had it before this. I use anti-fungal pessaries and cream and it goes away but comes straight back.

I have been to the doctor and they basically did nothing for me. I have been tested for chlamydia and other STIs multiple times and do not have any.

My partner occasionally gets symptoms of thrush too and uses the cream and oral pills.

its quite distressing because its pretty constant and I don't know what to do! what should i do? does anyone have any suggestions?

12 Replies
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Have either of you had your blood sugar tested? The bacteria can live off that if it's high, hence coming back all the time.

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bell12345 in reply to Smitheil

Thank you! That's a good idea I will go to the doctor again. Do you think high blood sugar would be due to our diets or for some other reason?

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Smitheil in reply to bell12345

I was speaking to a girl on here a few days ago and her thrush was so bad it actually looked like herpes. She was saying it was because of her blood sugar levels so it would be worth getting them checked.

I was reading that too much sugar, white breads and pasta etc can be really bad for it. Also fizzy juice and things along those lines. There were a few people on here with diabetes an they got thrush a lot. Get on at your GP though, sounds like they aren't doing their job properly if you keep getting it.

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bell12345 in reply to Smitheil

Thank you so much!! I will do that! Thanks

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Sadly, if your partner has thrush, when she has a flare up and you have intercourse you will get it too.

At those times you could abstain or wear a condom. Best to go to a clinic. Ask questions, they will advise you.

Seek help properly as it must be distressing for you both. May need something stronger to wipe it out completely. Both of you.

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bell12345 in reply to Olivemay64

Thank you! I will go to the GP this week

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It knows that be mild genital herpes... tell them test for that when u go.

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bell12345 in reply to Hmm-

Really? Have you heard about someone mistaking thrush for genital herpes before? Is this common?

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Hmm- in reply to bell12345

It's really common. Mild herpes is basically the Same symtops as thrush and they don't really test for it.

They gave me thrush cream and treatment 3 times before my first outbreak properly come up and I was signboard with herpes.

So it's worth checking it's something easier to deal with before it gets bad.

But i hope it is only thrush but even if it isn't it's not the end of the world. Xx

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bell12345 in reply to Hmm-

I will ask them to test for this thank you!

The only thing is is that I have been having sex with my partner for almost 3 years without a condom and he does not seem to have herpes symptoms - more thrush symptoms so I don't know.

I will def look into this! Thanks

I am suffering in the very exact way. The man who gave it to me has no owner ship and so I left him it's been 4 years I have had this.

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Having recently had thrush following a course of antibiotics and it not clearing up with Anti fungal cream. I was red raw in the groin with unbearable itching and smell. I used natural yoghurt which healed it completely within 24 hours. The natural flora on the skin is destroyed with antibiotic use. The antifungal did not work. The natural yoghurt restored the good bacteria to the skin and re-establish the natural balance.

Cover the area affected with natural yoghurt and leave on for an hour. Rinse off in the shower and dry the area. Do not apply creams talc or soap. Wash all towels cleaning cloths in a very hot wash. The itching more or less stopped that day. The smell had gone and by the evening it was only slightly red.

I did the same the next morning although it was looked completely clear I still did the same thing. Covered the whole area in yoghurt left it on for an hour and rinsed it off in the shower. I have not looked back since. It worked amazingly! I hope that helps. If you are both affected I would suggest you both do it not just one of you!

I hope that helps!

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