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Bleeding and contraception


Hello, I really need some advice, at Christmas time I had bleeding that lasted 6 weeks, I went to the doctor and they put me on cerelle mini pill to stop the bleeding even though I wanted a examination done, sent me away and Iv been on it for 8 months now and recently been getting very sore period cramping for 3 days which Iv not had up to now and small amount of blood, is this normal? I’m still worried about why I was initially bleeding for that long in the first place with no previous history of it

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It's very common for GPs to treat symptoms rather than investigate to find what's causing the symptoms and treat that, especially when it comes to women's menstrual health. If it were me, I would return to my doctor and stand firm that I want further investigations, if he/she refuses then tell them you want it put on your records that you've requested further investigations and they've refused, and tell them you're going to get a second opinion.

I've been on the pill before, years ago, but since learning to track my cycles (look up FAM or fertility tracking if you're interested) I'll never go on the pill again, I personally hate the thought of ingesting a constant dose of synthetic hormones. Stand your ground with what you want to happen with your body. Good luck.

POP can cause unscheduled bleeding itself. Chlamydia screening up to date ?

Rose1726 in reply to Galen70

Yes been for screen everything negative

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