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Vaginal bleeding after sex

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Hope this is okay to post. Myself and my partner (who I have been with for 2 years now) have just had sex after a 4 month gap. I went straight to the ticket afterwards and I was bleeding, which looked like fresh, red blood. It is now 6-7 hours after intercourse and I am still bleeding when I wipe. Could this just be because we haven’t had sex in 4 months? I would appreciate any advice please as I’m a worrier. Thank you 😊

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Could be trauma as fissuring can happen after sex . The usual questions, are your smears up to date and have you had chlamydia testing ?

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I have been with the same person now for 2 years and both of us have had STI checks etc. And are clear! I’m from the UK so we don’t get smears until we’re 21 unfortunately and I am only 18. Am I able to request a smear if I have concerns? Thank you

Request a smear and Google endometriosis to see if you have any other recognisable symptoms.

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Endometriosis does not usually present with bleeding

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No a smear is not indicated because cervical cancer (squamous cell ) doesn't exist in your age group. It is more likely to be either a small vaginal fissure , or possibly a cervical ectopy. You can see the practice nurse, doc, or sexual health clinic staff for assessment.

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