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I have a 1 year old daughter and 5 months ago I had s miscarriage. I never wanted kids so both times came as a shock especialy as too me and my partner 5 years to get pregnant first time. We weren't 'trying' even tho we weren't using any form of protection. I don't get my periods, they are very irregular. I've been to the docs about them and all they have said is lose weight or go on the pill bit I can't take the pill because of my migraines. I also don't want to take anything hormonal s had a bad spell on the injection recently.

I have always wanted a hysterectomy over the last 10 years or so due to period issues which have been this way for 14 years. Doctors don't seem to care. I have begged for surgery but they won't cos I'm 'too young'.

Has anyone got any suggestions? The last thing I want is another child as childbirth has really messed me up.

Sorry for the long post

11 Replies
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You can ask your doctor about the copper coil,male condoms,female condoms,diaphragm or cap.I think all the rest contain some hormones.

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I know about all those but ideally don't want anything like that. My partner won't use condoms Amor have the snip. I've read bad things about the copper coil Mao my the continuous bleeding after inserted. It's not something I want to deal with.

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I have a copper coil and I haven't bled continuously, I only bleed when I'm having a period. I understand everyone reacts differently to different things though. If you really don't want hormones it could be worth a try? Could you ask to be sterilised instead of the hysterectomy? Your doctor might be more willing to do that.

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I want to be sterilised but apparently I'm too young to make a decision like that and might regret it but it's something I've been wanting for a long time. I have looked at going private for it but I haven't got 1000's to spend!

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I also don't get regular periods so really don't want anything that will give me my period. I havent had one in nearly a year and I like not having them. Doctors don't seem to care.

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Maybe this is different because I am 21 but if my bf refuses to use a condom I would refuse to have sex

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One thing you might mention to your partner is that after a vasectomy the orgasms are much better. It's a very simple procedure!

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It is a relatively simple procedure but I don't think there is any scientific evidence that orgasms are better .

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My experience!

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If you have found that then that's certainly a plus , but its not something we would guarantee a patient who is considering vasectomy .

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Not all types of migraine are a contraindication to the combined pill. Speak to a reproductive health specialist. Consider a Mirena or Jaydess coil

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