bleeding on the pill

hi guys I'm starting to get really stressed out with the amount of breakthrough bleeding I have its been happening for 2 weeks now ad there's no sign of it getting better I have been to the doctors once all ready and they changed the type of pill I'm on to a stronger one but I'm still bleeding and its not spotting its quite heavy considering I'm on the pill and I don't want to bleed forever but I just want it to stop any ideas?

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  • Go and see your Local Gp and get checked out for a peace of mind

  • Hi,I'm in the seme situation but I have mirena coil just 3 weekes,was busy and I didn't went to the gp

  • i would be 2

  • I've had this first with implant and then mini pill. I was fine for 18 months then the bleeding started. The bad mood swings kicked in and I couldn't cope. Went to see GP who didn't believe in pmt etc. so I just stopped taking it. I'm fortunate to be in a position of having my tubes tied and my consultant said I had an intolerance to the hormone in the pill.

  • Av been on mini pill over a YEAR now and periods are terrible I took them 22 days ago and there still going no sighn of it stopping it's a mega pain never feel like ur getting a break from them

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