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First time having the coil

I recently got the coil fitted around 3 weeks ago now, I started bleeding for a couple of days after it done and then stopped. I was on the pill before hand so I was told to keep on it for another week in which I did but I stopped around 5 days after out of the 7 in which I have been bleeding since. I’ve been to my GP but they said to come back at the 6 week check up. Also within the first week and half I experienced sharp pains in my uterus/womb/cervix in which some were crippling, they seem to wear off but they’ve recently come back and I’m just starting to worry now. Is there any help and should I go back to my GP even tho it’s only been 3 weeks. Thanks!

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I had this I just got told to take paracetamol and relax and it does work I've had mine in for a few months now and it's just natural pain you get because your body is trying to get rid of it I had it for a few weeks before it actually went and I found warm stuff helped as well.

I hope this is helpful to you.

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Hiya, I've had the coil since last March I'm still getting sharp pains and bleeding more then before! I bleeding between my period and after sex


Did you get antibiotics?


I haven’t no because when I went to my GP she was going to do some swabs but then said we might as well leave it til the 6 week check up


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