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Persistent penis bumps



I was with a woman for 6 months. So, naturally unprotected sex ensued. 8 Mo after having sex (she was nuts and I decided my hand was safer for a while) I developed these bumps. I treat with acv (Apple cider vinegar) and they form deep trenches in the side of my Wang. So, I let it heal (treating with castor oil tooprevent scaring) and they come back. Never itch or change. What could it be? I thought hpv but IDK. Thank you.

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You really cannot "treat" yourself with these "folk remedies". If you are worried then you should see a doctor. Please!

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Thank you for your reply. I am, however, more interested in opinions regarding the nature of the ailment than treatment suggestions. Do you have an opinion as too what it is? Thank you again for your time.

Not really I'm afraid. We are not doctors and while I doubt it is serious you really need to go to your local clinic. They have seen evertthing so will not worry

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