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I had a clean test screening for all stds, clear pap, and have a natural birth to my baby boy. . 3 months after my baby was born, I got a Copper IUD. I don’t know how, but exactly 2weeks after insertion of IUD, I became ill in my lower body. Swollen lympNodes in side pelvic area, both sides. Weak in my body, then a tiny bump. I got checked, Results-HSV2 confirmed :( Never in my life have I had this. I felt like I had a allergic reaction to the nickle, in the copper that’s is made up of the IUD. It brought my immune system down and dormant viruses that are stored in my body’s system were coming out. HPV aswell. I kept IUD for 3 years. I couldn’t take it anymore. I just knew the IUD was the cause. I pulled it out myself. It’s easy to pull out as a tampon is. 6 months later, I go to a new completely different clinic. I get tested again, I’m clear Iof everything. Nothing. I will never get the IUD again. I can’t believe it caused me so much trouble with my immune system and the mental distress that came from it.

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I'm not sure that women should be encouraged to remove their own IUDs (not recommended without supervision) but glad you found some benefit.

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