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A year and a half of the same symptoms but no diagnosis!

Hi everyone,

I've had several symptoms that started after a kidney infection in December 2016. The kidney infection itself came about after an untreated UTI which as well as cause burning during urination also caused a significant amount of burning and extra discomfort during my period. After the kidney infection was treated with antibiotics I ended up getting a yeast infection which I tried treating myself with over-the-counter thrush medication that didn't help, and then with 100mg pessary tablet which did the job. After this cleared up I noticed that I was still getting pain during urination but now I was also getting an extreme burning pain during sex, mild cramping, and constant soreness around the entrance to my urethra - which has escalated to a large amount of smelly yellow vaginal AND urethral discharge every day. Once in a while I have back pain around where my left kidney is and I visit the GP and get given antibiotics which don't seem to treat anything (I think I've been given around 3 lots of antibiotics in 2017). I have been going back again and again to the GP, I've had swabs, urine tests, ultrasounds and a gynecology referral but all the results come back as healthy and normal. However, I know this is cannot be the case if you look at all the symptoms I'm getting. The doctors are telling me everything is fine and I just need to use lube (seriously... the gynecologist told me it was something wrong with my hormones and prescribed me the mini pill which did nothing). I'm at my wits end with these symptoms because I'm constantly sore and uncomfortable - I have to wear pads every day just for the discharge. Is there anyone with similar symptoms or advice on what to do next?

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I had the same symptoms for three years, one day I had just had enough I blagged it saying it was on the side with my appendix the doctor sent me straight to a&e with referral, I was seen by 5 different doctors and was told I had to go to the GuM clinic, so next day I went there and found out I had puss.. they done swabs for chlamydia etc turns out I had pelvic inflammatory disease, I had been in and out of my gp for three years no one knew what the pain was I was told it was a variety of problems, since having being treated I can no longer conceive and I have bladder inconvenience


Hi, thanks for replying, what kind of tests did they do to finally give you that diagnosis? I’m so sorry that this has happened to you and it’s exactly what I’m afraid of, I keep bringing up the fact that I’m worried about my long term health but they just keep ignoring it.


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