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IUD Cramps


I had a copper coil fitted on 22 Nov 17. I had cramps for a couple of days and then it seemed to settle down. However, in the past couple of days i've had cramps and I am not due on my next period until 16 Jan. Is this normal? The cramps aren't major, kind of in the background. I've no fever, or unusual discharge or anything like that. I don't know whether to get it checked? I am due to have my smear next week too so not sure whether to ask the nurse then and she can obviously check the strings. I had a coil before and never experienced cramps in between periods but not sure if it is because it has been changed, is a different one? is it just settling in?

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Im not an expert, but unless you are in extreme pain or dont have any other symptoms like discharge, then I'd say you should be okay to wait till your smear test. I have had lots of problems with my IUD that i had fitted in september, and before other symptoms arose I experienced cramps at random points in my cycle when I never used to get them at all. my GP told me that that this was normal for some women for the first 6 months with an IUD so it could just be that.

However because you have gone a month and a half without cramps and then it is rather sudden my first thoughts would be that your IUD has perforated your uterus or moved positions. but in this case the cramps would be more severe

either way, I'd suggest using another form of contraception until you see a medical professional


thanks for your reply. I will wait until I see the nurse next week. they aren't severe and now i think about it they happened about a week before my period last month so not sure if its something to do with ovulation! i've had a bit of spotting too but from what I read online it did say they can take upto 6 months to settle down, so it may be because its been changed. I can't remember if it was like this last time I had my coil fitted, whether it took a couple of months to settle down. I just remember i wasn't aware of any pain at all with it in between periods, i just forgot about it.


checked out today. Nurse didn't seem overally worried. Just said they can take a while to settle. 3-6months. She checked the strings, said everything looked fine and if i have no other symptoms than the cramps its may just be settling in. Said your womb can be a bit traumatised for a while and its a foreign body! Has made me an appt for 6 weeks with the dr and said to go if it is no better.


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