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Dark patch on penis shaft


About 4 months ago(but i guess it's been there for a lot longer) i noticed a dark patch on my penis shaft on the left side and it don't go away.It's round like 1.5x1.5cm and looks kinda like a bruise,darkish color.It's just flat pigmentation and don't itch,hurt or brings any discomfort.

I've been to urologist and he had no idea what is it,he said it doesn't look malignant and looks like a bruise,but the point that it doesn't heal for so long confused him.What could it be?

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Hello Laynn

It's difficult to diagnose medical conditions in a forum... the best hope is someone with a similar experience who might be able to offer some explanations for you to look through - for example (I don't think these apply, but anyway...):


A "dark patch" [on your penis shaft] sounds more like a skin problem than a urology issue. Perhaps this would be better looked at by a dermatologist...


A birthmark?!


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