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Prostate problem or uti?

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So I'll put out first I've been tested 3x for Sti and assured I have nothing Infectious going on down there. Ive had ongoing ball ache which the most reasonable suspicion so far has been a varococele.

However that said, I've had what seemed to be a UTI, burning urine, slight clear discharge (again neg on sti) which cleared itself up with cranberry juice and cipro. 3months pass and it comes back with headache bad neck and a high fever. Today the fever has passed I sweated it out prefusely through the night however I have had a huge red rash under my armpit.

Could all this link to prostatis or something similar or just be coincidence?

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Hi, I would say to go to your GP regarding this and speak with them.

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So I visited my GP Monday. Blood and urine tests done. Urine shows all clear, bloods show infection around the kidney. Unfortunately I'm on a months course of the dreaded cipro and a blood test in 3 week to see if it worked. My concern is twice in 3 month the same symptoms have arisen so it's a case of what's causing the infection to flare up.

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