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Chlamydia diagnosis

Hi I was diagnosed with chlamydia on 29/09 and got the treatment straight away that same day. I had no symptoms before diagnosis and I have not had sex since my time of infection or since the treatment. So it's been nearly 2 weeks since treatment and it's says I should be clear after 7 days but since getting diagnosis I have be reading up and it says that a person could have it in their stomach and keep re-infecting themselves, I'm paranoid about this as I don't really want to infect my partner (he has been away for work) I have a sore throat, so wondered if it might be in the throat and also wondered should the 4 in one dose of antibiotic azithromycin , is there a risk of it not working if I have the infection in my throat or stomach? x

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Firstly they normally take a second sample when they give you the treatment which they then send of to be tested as there is a strain which requires a longer course of treatment, depending on the clinic they either text you to return for extra medication or some clinics where the more resistant strain is more common give the longer treatment then text when to stop. Doxycycline is another form of treatment which is one pill twice a day for the required treatment phase, I have no idea which maybe considered better.

Second while the infection may have cleared it will still show as positive for a further 5-6 weeks after treatment. Of course your sore throat could be just that and not a symptom that you still have Chlamydia, sadly as many STI's weaken the immune system cold like symptoms are common but we have now also entered the cold and flu season! Ultimately don't worry and stress about it as that can also have a detrimental effect on your health.

If you are really concerned then you should talk to your clinic and ensure that you either avoid sex or use condoms until such time you are happy that you are clear of the infection. I am not aware of the infection travelling through the body as I don't believe it works like that but you can pass it from one area to another e.g. sucking on a dildo before inserting it into you can pass it from your throat to your vagina/arse.


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