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Can you get chlamydia from an accidental needle prick? (cleaning job)

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My partner was doing a cleaning job and hadn't realised there were needles until it was too late and was pricked by one.

Went to A&E and was given a shot to protect against hepatitis. Hosp and doctors were passing care responsibilities so partner ended up calling a sexual health clinic and they did a full STI check up and everything was

Fine apart from he tested positive for chlamydia. Obviously told me and I've got tested to but in the room the health care provider thought it was weird they did a full check and asked if either of us had been unfaithful and I answered that I hadn't but I wasn't told if my partner was and that he's just said about the needle incident to me and she's said it's highly unlikely it was a needle... But does this mean it's impossible? Or has my partner cheated? I know the needle incident actually happened and don't doubt that story but I just don't understand if the chlamydia came from the needle incident or not...

we both had full STI checks before we got together and I also had one when pregnant 4 years ago. We've been together 5 years so it's not even as if it was missed or was dormant or something.

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I’ts pretty much impossible. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection. It isn’t passed through needles. Im sorry to say but it’s highly likely your partner has cheated on you

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This is my fear :( I have tried to Google it so many times and I get so many mixed reviews some say it's impossible whilst others basically say its highly unlikely but it has in very rare cases been bloodborne but its extremely rare.

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Exactly. Extremely rare. And I really doubt it, I’m sorry x

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Chlamydia is not a blood borne infection. However all dna amplification have small.false.positive and negative result rates. If you test negative for chlamydia then this is more likely. If you test positive also.its less.likely.

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As a contact of chlamydia you should be tested and treated regardless of the test result.

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