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Going to the toilet during an outbreak of genital herpes

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I've recently been diagnosed with genital herpes and am experiencing my first outbreak. Unfortunately the sores have spread to my rear and I am really struggling to go for a poo. I tried yesterday but the pain was so bad I was in tears. I stopped eventually and have been to scared to try since. The area is constantly bleeding and I am in agony. I've started to take dulcolax to loosen things but does anyone have any other advice? I'm conscious holding it in isn't good for my health and is also very uncomfortable. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

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Hi... That's a nasty place to get an outbreak.. I'm wondering if the bleeding and the pain is actually hemorrhoids rather than herpes blisters..although you could have both there especially if you've been constipated...As it's painful you can get a topical anaesthetic cream, something like lidocaine 5% would help.... can you get to see your G.P. and you may be able to get a prescription for both creams... if you have hemorrhoids too. I don't know if you are in the u.k. but you can get Lidocaine % from the herpes organisation hva.org.uk £11 +£1 p&p. if you can't find it in the shops ... I believe it's generally only available on prescription, although there other creams on the market which do contain Lidocaine... , whether they ar 'safe' for that area , I really can't say. You should be able to get aclovir tablets from your g.o. for herpes. I would recommend you supplement with l-Lysine daily as well.


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