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How long does the first herpes outbreak last

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Two weeks ago I had the shock of being diagnosed with herpes type 2. I'm currently having my first outbreak which is how I found out I'm wondering how long it will last as I'm two weeks in now feeling very fed up and down. It's stopping me from going to work as I am in pain. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thanx :)

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hey babes,try herbal supplements ie olive leaf extract,oregano oil,garlic,apple cider vinegar.Buy cayenne chilli pepper .Juice all those things and drink regularly.Your system will be ok. If you have visible blisters apply apple cider vinegar and they should go away.Herpes and sugars do not get along.Cut caffeine.Things will be ok. Finally pray.Miracles exist.Our father in heaven loves us.

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Apply the Apple cider vinegar directly onto the sores?

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Please do not try this without talking to a doctor. It sounds very painful. and wrong.

I was off work for two weeks and had nerve pain for about 4 weeks on my first outbreak and like you was in so much pain and felt like my world had ended . That was 6 months ago . I have had two out breaks since then and they were nothing compared to the first . It seems to be less painful amd clears quicker each time . I keep a supply of antiviral and take at first sign . Hope that helps x

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Well I've just been signed off for another week so that will make 3 in total doctor seems to think I'm having a reoccurrence during my first outbreak have been given a higher dose of aviclor so fingers crossed it works, it's my birthday at the weekend to had to cancel all my plans as I'm not in no mood or fit state to do anything it's just getting me so down at the moment trying hard as I've heard this virus thrives on stress. X

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Know how you feel Kanisha33 i was severely down about it all . Felt a range of emotions , dirty , stupid , sad and like my life was over . I have two outbreaks since both around the time of my period . Mine starts with leg pains and glands up so i take the aclivor as soon as any sign . My life is returning to some normality and im lucky to have a very understanding bf . Nice to chat to someone who seems to have felt as bad as i did on my first outbreak . The pain was excruciating and doctor treated me for cystitus for two weeks before even seeing me ! All i can say is it has eased off as time goes past , fingers crossed same fir you . X

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Yes I felt each one of those emotions Pepper1974 ive barely left the house as I don't want to be near people I feel that dirty as. The pain has been unbearable I have cried like a baby, giving birth twice with no pain relief is nowhere the pain I was feeling I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy as it was awful I was also on my period... As for the doctors pffft they were useless I was diagnosed with water infections, bad thrush alsorts it took me breaking down in tears in the doctors for them to send me to gynae assessment (at this point I had been examined 3 times by three different doctors)....I don't have a bf I'm dreading that time what do I say? Are they going to have the same reaction I did? To be honest I can't even think that far ahead still coming to terms with it all....I am glad i don't feel so alone anymore though as I can't really talk to my friends my mum and brother have been fantastic

My first outbreak was also horrific. For about 6 weeks I was stuck in a cycle of sores coming... Starting to go... Then more coming. I also had time off work and also got cystitis from getting sores in my urethra. I have been on aciclovir for almost 2 years now... To stop any recurrent outbreaks. Will have to come off it eventually... Not sure when yet!... The meds have helped... Given me a bit of confidence back. I eventually told the person I had caught it off ( from a cold sore on his face) and we are now together. He was very understanding and devastated I didn't tell him at the time and went through it alone. It was a very dark time... I still have moments where I can't actually believe it happened to me. Vitamin e is supposed to help and a dissolvable vitamin c with zinc daily as well. I do both things.

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Kanisha33 in reply to Lizbeth4

Oh gosh 6 weeks how did you cope???,...I'm going into my 4th week and struggling think I'm going to have to have suppression treatment as well 😔

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Suppression treatment is the best thing I ever did. Stopping the pain but also gave me some confidence back and gives you time to start to recognise the symptoms etc. The only thing that has caused a flare up for me was using a sun bed... But at least I could recognise the signs and I just upped my dose for a few days. Apparently flare ups become less frequent after 2 years so I will come off them in the next 6 months and see how I am then.

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