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Genital herpes forth outbreak surpressing it.

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Today's my birthday. Today's the day I got herpes again, forth time in six months.

I talk my husband I'm dealing with it and I'm fine but I'm not. People say it gets easier with time. The sores become less frequent and less big they say.

Well for me they're wrong.

They're still big and ugly and painful. I can hardly bend. Pissing makes me cry, when I'm out (I try never go toilet but if I do) and I need to go I bite my hand. I can't take the pain.

My hurt rips everytime I get it and I sink into this corner of depression and sadness.

The doctor spoke to me about surpressing it with daily pills. Is anyone on this and can tell me more.

I want to make the right decision but I feel I don't know much about it.

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Take the tablets... best thing I ever did. You get your life back. I have been on them 2 years... need to try coming off them really but the thought terrifies me. They have helped me through an awful time. Still not sure I have actually dealt with having it but having no outbreaks is a step forward.

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Can you explain how it works is it one every day

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One in the morning and one at night. It stopped my outbreaks. Very occasionally get tingling as though it is trying to reactivate so I sometimes double the dose for a couple of days if I feel I need to. Look at the sphere web site. Good factual info on there.

I have had it for 2 and half years,have outbreaks quite often,treatment doesnt seem to work with me until day 4 or 5 as soon as i finish the course it starts again,so doctors have put me on suppressive to try and stop,im hoping it works as ive had it pretty much constantly for 7 weeks now and feel so down because of it,hope it works for you!nothing seems to work to ease the pain

Hello everyone. I am on suppressive therapy and this was a good choice. It made me calm and bring me back to live. Im struggling with it 1,5 years, constant depression and stress. I worry about my future. My immune system was weak and i was always sick - flu, sore throat, fiver etc. Please go to see trusted doctor specialised in immunology. Mine put me on right dose of acyclovir and add a prescription free immunostimulant called Neosine (Inosinum pranobexum) at least in Poland prescription free. my symptoms looked like the virus completely take over my body. Now i feel 100 % better. I do sport and changed my diet. I changed my attitude towards relationships as well. And you know what!? everything happens for a reason. you could catch something much worse... now we are "safe".

Keep thinking positive. Be happy, be grateful, be healthy.

Hugs and kisses for everyone who feel sad. xx

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This made me feel so much better in this moment that I am struggling in.

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