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Very angry still about contracting Herpes

Hello six years on and im still very very angry with my ex partner. He betrayed my trust, i asked if he was ok and he had said he was. Then i contracted Herpes from him. I am finding it very hard to accept. How do i bring it up with any future partners? What if they contract it off me?! I couldnt live with myself for giving them this painful misery.

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Regarding future partners I've found it best to plan what I'm going to say and exactly when I'm going to say it. I choose to have the awkward conversation when sex is looking on the cards but before the clothes come off. I've found that partners have not been put off and have appreciated the honesty.

After that its about constant vigilance for outbreaks. Once you've had the initial conversation its easy to to say "Sorry no sex today I think I may have an outbreak coming".

Best of luck to you

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