Mirena Coil Questions

Hi, I had the coil fitted a few weeks ago and I'm now having a light and unpainful period. Is this normal?

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  • Hi! This is perfectly normal. One of the reasons people get the Mirena is that it can stop periods altogether, and if it doesn't it very often makes them a lot lighter and a lot less painful and much easier to live with.

    Hope that helps :)

  • That does help, thank you! It seems to have only lasted a day, again, is this normal? I'm assuming it's just a very light one or and irregular one which I've heard is normal?

  • Hi, if you are not sure I would book an appointment with the sexual health service that fitted this and double check with them.

  • It's okay it turned out to last longer than a day so it is just a period haha! Thank you though ☺️