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yellowish pennis discharge

i have been experiencing different types of reaction on my private parts, it all started when i recognised small unconcomfortable rush on my pennis, it reacted fast for me to see and the rush turned in to norma tight lumps as if youn pop them up, i left it as is while russhing to the clinic and then i was told that i have a viral load issues and what i have is nothing serious, i was given an ointment to use at home, i didnt scrach on the area and waited for the lumps to heal, it took long to heal and it was burning, it was find then one agian the lump appeared, i poped them with no hesitation, later im discharhing thing i thought it was droop but drop should be painful but not me. i only experience burn when i urinate, in the morning when i wake up i wake with a normal erection but i dont understand whats wrong with me now im experiencing rectal bleeding after toilet.

is there any link on the or what please help

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Hi, I would go to your GP and let them know they symptoms you are experiencing. If it is a viral STI (sexual transmitted infection) you will need to use condoms if you are having sex when the rash is present as a viral STI is contagious and can be passed to another person. This is with oral sex as well to use flavoured condoms.


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