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Cramping from Mirena Coil

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. Just got the Mirena coil fitted 6 days ago and my cramping is getting progressively worse. After fitting, the nurse warned I may have worse than usual cramping overnight, but should treat with ibuprofen and a hot water bottle. It wasn't too bad and did only last overnight. However, since I seem to get cramps after every meal. They aren't too painful and haven't required a hot water bottle or painkillers. Last night I was cleaning my house, bent down to pick something up, and when I stood back up I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. Since then I've had cramps. They started off at about a 4 on the pain spectrum, so I treated with a hot water bottle. Now I'm taking co-codomol at work to get me through the day, and I'd say the pain is about a 7.

Has anyone had cramping last this long before after having the Mirena fitted?

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Hi I would be concerned that if the cramping is coming so regular.

I felt shoddy for two days after coil was fitted and was advised of this. The day prior to period starting as well as the first day of it I experience cramps which seem normal and regular for some people.

Possibly worth going back to the nurse to check all ok with fitting of your cool?


Sounds like it may have moved and if it has you really need to go back to you docs and see the doc or nurse to gag them to check for you . You shouldn't be getting worse cramps now than the day after you had it done .


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