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Copper Coil advise


I'm currently going through the motions of having the copper coil fitted (swabs on Thursday). I currently have the implant but its made my skin awful (history of acne), my periods are 3-4 weeks long and most importantly- my moods are all over the place and frankly uncontrollable.

I thought I'd go for the copper coil as I need a long term contraceptive that I don't have to think about taking every day (I'm an Event Manager with crazy shifts) and also, at 26, I thought it was finally time to give my body a rest after being on hormonal contraception for the last 12 years (Started at 14 to combat the acne.) I'd like to see how my body reacts to just working off its own hormones if that makes sense.

When I went to see my GP and asked about it, she left the room and went and asked another Dr for advice as I haven't had any children - is this normal?

I got a yes to proceed but I just found the whole experience quite distressing.

I am also not feeling great about the whole procedure - although I had a surprisingly drama free experience when I had the implant fitted.

Anybody been in the same boat?

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The only reason they do that, asking about children, is because it's apparently easier to insert since the cervix is a little less stubborn. They asked my mum the same thing when she went to have her IUD put in, and she said that they told her that was why.

I went to have the IUD (hormonal) put in but my cervix decided it wasn't gonna play ball. But even in that instance it was not as scary/embarrassing or painful as I anticipated it would be. The speculum is uncomfortable, but I guess that's to be expected. The nurse told me that it would make sense to try again when I was on my period - your cervix is a little more open then naturally, so it makes insertion easier. I just thought you might like to hear it from someone who tried and was unsuccessful at the time - just so you know it's not all that bad. If it was, I wouldn't be considering trying to get it fitted again.

However, it can also apparently play havoc with cramps so I guess it's kind of up to you whether that trade off is worth it.

Hope this helps!



I am in the same position as you - I had my swabs done yesterday and am waiting for them to come back before I can proceed in getting the Copper IUD. How long did your doctor say you would have to wait to get the results? Are you having yours put in at your GP? My doctor said it would take 2 weeks to get my results back. This is really bad for me because the pill is making me feel awful but I can't stop taking it because then I will lose track of my cycle. In 2 weeks my period would have just ended so will have to wait until my next period to have it put in (I've read from a number of websites/forums that they prefer to put it in on your period because your cervix is more open).

I wouldn't worry about your doctor getting a second opinion; I don't have any children either and many women haven't before having the IUD.


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