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Recently i tried a cockring and to be honest i didnt think much and my sexual mood went up and down and i had to stop activity and have a telly break. I didnt ejaculate until after 1 to 2 hours later, the following morning after activity i got an aching pain in my left testicle which become worse when i touched my sack and stood up, the pain went from my testicle into mu lower abdol and back. This lasted around 3 hours before it eased and i was comfortable.

It was then i remember whilst i was younger i was diognosed with a varicose vein on my left testicle, could the use of the cockring have caused damage?

I have since ejaculated again and no discomfort although i get a very slight ache in my testicle every so often. Its now been 4 days since the incident.

Ive come to this site so i dont waste time at my GP or walk in if not needed. I have no signs of swelling or bruising and to touch my testicles feel normal.


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Although I wouldn't worry about it, just for interest I'd query it at your walk-in (or GP). If you regularly go to a walk-in for a check-up, that's an ideal time to ask.

I'm not sure how a varicose vein could be related to a pain moving about... this could just be a groin sprain(!).


Thats good to hear. I havent had a 12month check up at our GUM since being with my long term partner.

I think it may of been bad timing but i was anxious it may of been linked.

Thanks for your reply


I am a GP, - and it sounds like you may in the past have been diagnosed with a varocele- which are swollen veins a bit like a varicose vein which lie in the scrotum. Sometimes when you stand up, it is meant to feel like a 'bag of worms' - if the symptoms all settle within 24-48 hrs, then I doubt you need now to do anything, but if there is any persisting tenderness or firm swelling in the scrotum (ball sack) then it would be sensible to get this checked to make sure you haven't developed a little clot in one of the scrotal veins. - very unlikely if your symptoms have all settled.

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My throbbing ache in my testicle has returned so im going to see my gp next week. Everything is working fine still, im just paranoid with the throbbing.


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