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Help, please !

I'm on the pill, I've taken it properly - same time every day with none missed / no disturbances such as vomiting etc.

I'm new to this pill and I've experienced having a period during the middle of my packet (10 days ago.).

I finished this pack on Thursday and I still haven't had a period (it's now Sunday) should I be worried? Will I not have a period because I had one 10 days ago ?

The last thing I want is to be pregnant and it's very unlikely but I'm seriously worried and stressed about this.

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If you're new to it honestly do not worry! It can take a couple of months to even itself out, even if you;re just switching pills! When I switched from the COP to the mini-pill, holy heck, it messed me right up.

I'm not sure about the combined pill, but you're protected from pregnancy a week after taking the mini pill <3


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