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New here! Not sure if I'm pregnant. Need help


I am only 17 and I had sex around a month ago for the first time and we used a condom but I was meant to have my period 4 days ago! I'm really worried that I'm pregnant. Need help.

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Don't panic. Lots of things can make your period a bit late - including stressing about it!

The only way to know for sure is to do a pregnancy test. Just get a basic one from the chemist (doesn't need to be an expensive or digital one to be accurate) or go to your local sexual health clinic for free and confidential advice and testing.

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Thank you

Did the condom split?

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If you had protection, I'm sure you will be fine darling.

As long as you used a condom it's unlikely you're pregnant, it's much more likely that it's late due to you stressing! I've had similar experiences just after beginning to have sex, but if you're intending on continueing you may want to consider a second contraception until you feel more comfortable, many people use the pill or other hormonal contraception as well as a barrier method!

And if you're still worried, take a test to put your mind at rest, it's always better knowing either way!

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