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VERY WORRIED - penis discolouration

So abouta a month ago I noticed a dark brown -ish patch on the side of my penis shaft, and I attributed it to excessive masturbation because i've sustained tiny little grazes and what-not through that before. In the past couple of weeks however, I've noticed more and more of the patches around my penis shaft, all the same colour (dark brownish, sometimes the top of my foreskin is purple or red when particularly irritated)

I was thinking (hoping) that it's just some bruising, but none of the patches hurt (not characteristic of a bruise.) The good news is that there's no discharge, funny texture or pain like i said.

Does anyone here know what it could be and how long it would take to go away? I'm embarassed and quite worried

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If it is on the underside of your penile shaft, going from scrotum to tip/foreskin, it's something called the Raphe.

It's just a darker line where our penises formed in the womb rather than remaining a slit (like they do on females). I have the same line on my penis & I can assure you it's perfectly natural.

The white lumps you see around it are just fat cells as well, so nothing to worry about (unless you feel a large, irregular lump that is firm to the touch).


Hi SASmith, thanks for the reply.

It' not on the underside, there is one circular patch on the right hand side of my penis, a patch on the front and some at the left hand side now too. like i said, the shapes are all differnt, the skin isn't bumpy or different in any way, it's just discoloured.


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