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Genital Warts ??

Recently I discovered 3 small pimples 1 of them being in my inner thigh and 2 being in the lip area of my vagina. Went to a doctor and im still waiting for some tests back, but through my research online i got really scared and wanted to come here and ask anybody to clarify me. Also I had oral sex with my boyfriend in the same time frame as those pimples came up and wanted to know the risk of spreading a possible infection or virus. I'm losing my mind and really need some clearance.

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It's possible they are warts, if so I've read it is pretty rare to contract them orally. But if they do come back as warts, best avoid that type of activity while you're being treated.


That looks very much like a skin tag. They're nothing to worry about and are easily removed. If it's warts I know a few people who have had them and it was a simple injection to get rid of them although it does carry with it a SMALL increase risk of cancer in later life.

If there was any discolouration, significant pain or discharge then it could be something more worrying but you should be fine. Make your partner aware though as I'm sure you'd want them to do the same.

From the information that can be gleamed from that image there is almost certainly nothing to worry about.


I have noticed the same thing - just one right on the side of my vagina, in the leg crease. Looks like what I would call a wart but not sure, it is slightly painful if I touch it. I have been in a long-term relationship for over 5yrs and we have both been tested and all ok (this was a while ago, before I got the copper coil put in 4yrs ago). I wondered if it could be a skin tag - I do aerial silks (circus thing in the air!) where the silks often get very tight around that area of the body. Am I just avoiding the truth or could it be just that? I can't see how it could be an STI as we have never had any issues with this and I was on the copper coil for 5yrs, now using condoms. Any advice really appreciated. I have booked an apt with GP for next week but my boyfriend is coming home this weekend and not sure if this means we should not have sex? Thank you


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