Genital Warts for 3years

Hi, am concerned about my genitals warts, am 17 and had thm since i was 14. first they were around my anus, which is weird becuz i have never had anal sex. then spread to my clit. the ones at my anus disappeared after a while now there is only two still on the side of my clit. i haven't seen any new growth of warts since 2014. but am concerned about these becuz when they eventually go away will they come back?? plus i have never went to the doctor to check them out. so any information about getting rid of them or treating them would be much appreciated.

thanks much.

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  • Genital warts is a viral disease. They can always come back. I advice you to go to your GP to get them treated

  • thank you

  • You really should go to a clinic to make sure that you have warts, rather than something else. There are several different ways of treating warts, and the people at the GUM clinic will know the best way of dealing with them.

    Warts can come back after you have had treatment, but this is not always the case.

    You can help matters by improving your immunity - so if you smoke - you need to stop!You need to go along to a sexual health clinic (GUM clinic) for a screen.

  • well, using onion juice gets rid of the warts... i saw it on the internet, so i decided to try it and it actually works....well my warts are very tiny... i'm having sex with my boyfriend for 3 years and i haven't seen any warts coming back..

  • but i'll advise you too see the doctor!!

  • HPV stays in the body for a long period of time and continues because of low immune system or be repeatedly infected.

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