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Chlamydia or gonorrhea or what?

Hi, having been having a yellow discharge from my penis over a week now and I have been taking antibiotics (doxicycline), I still never get any better improvement as the yellow substance is still coming out with frequent urine. I went to a doctor to complain but he couldn't tell me what's wrong but telling me to just go and bring money. Am worry a lot as am not comfortable with the discharge. It all started when I had sex with a girl different from my long time girlfriend. Pls I need any useful advice

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Hi I would forget the unhelpful doctor and make an appointenent with the STD clinic, they are extremely helpful.

Good luck !


IF you are in the UK go to your City Hospital and visit the GU Clinic usually there is no need to make an appointment, they are very discrete and Will not tell your Doctor and it will not go on your medical records! (GU = Genital Urinary) Most STD's are cureable although Genital Herpes are with you for life!.. Good Luck

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